How to add a Lab to iTero


iTero Scanner

Welcome to the simple guide for connecting your iTero Scanner to a Dental Lab.

To connect your iTero scanner to a lab, you must first contact an iTero representative and provide them with the laboratory’s iTero Account Number. Our team at Oceanic Dental Lab can handle this for you, or you can contact them directly using the number below:

iTero Support: 1800 468 472
Oceanic Dental Laboratory Account Number: 1001988

You will need to provide the iTero representative with your Company ID and the serial number of your iTero scanner, which can be found in: System information > Base Serial Number
To retrieve your Company ID, you will have recieved an email from an iTero representative that includes all of your credentials.

    Connect my iTero Scanner for me:

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    For instructions for linking other dental scanners, read our post that covers all popular scanners.

    Steps to Connect the Lab to Your iTero Scanner:
    1. Contact an iTero representative to request a connection to a lab. Provide them with the lab’s details.

    Oceanic Dental Laboratory Details:

    • Account Number: 1001988
    • Name: Oceanic Dental Lab
    • Email:
    • Phone: 1300 792 990
    • Address: SE1, 9 Brodie-Hall Drive, Bentley WA 6102


    2. Refresh the System. Once you have contacted iTero and connected your chosen lab, you must refresh the system to ensure the lab is displayed. To do this, simply select Settings > Sync Configuration

    3.Complete Rx lab form. Once connected, complete the iTero Rx lab form.

    4. Select your chosen lab. This can be found in the ‘Ship To’ field of the form.

    5. Perform a test scan with your iTero scanner.

    6. Send the test scan to the lab.


    Wish to Trial Our Lab?

    If you are considering Oceanic Dental Lab for your dental restoration needs but wish to evaluate our services first, we welcome you to trial our lab.
    Starting with a test scan is a hassle-free way to experience our prompt and precise processing capabilities. Connect your iTero scanner following the steps above to link your intraoral scanner to the lab. We are confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations.


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