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Oceanic Dental Surgical Guide for Dental Implants
Oceanic Dental Surgical Guide for Dental Implants


Surgical Guides
Oceanic Dental Laboratory

Pre-surgical planning and guidance reduces the risk of error and denture-realignment when using fully-guided surgery solutions for implant installation. Oceanic Dental Laboratory produces surgical guides that can be used alongside the majority of implant systems.

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How Computer-Guided Implant Surgery Works

Dental implant surgery enables a surgeon to map out the positioning of the implant prior to surgery. This is done virtually through the use of 3D imaging using CAD/CAM technology. By using this method, a surgeon can identify the angles of the mouth and the positioning of existing teeth. A surgical guide contains a channel that is positioned at the exact angle of the implant. This method can make implant procedures efficient by making the process more predictable, streamlined, and can especially aid in the accurate positioning of difficult-to-access areas.

Oceanic Dental Laboratory can aid in the process of computer-guided surgery. Our trained experts in Implantology are trained and available to help you through the entire process of fabricating a surgical guide.

The Benefits of Pre-planning with Guided Surgery

Implant placement largely relies on the surgeon’s skills, experience, and preparation done prior to surgery. While the skill and experience of the dental surgeon are fundamental to implant success, guided surgery aids these qualities by providing a clear roadmap for the procedure.

Accuracy in Implant Placement:

Using a custom-made implant surgical guide ensures optimal alignment with the predetermined angle, depth, and size, tailored to the patient’s unique bone structure.

Tailored for the Individual’s Bone health and Thickness:

Bone health and thickness is an important factor of consideration when placing an implant into the jaw, which is where surgical pre-planning is crucial to achieve an implant with longevity. By planning the exact specifications of the implant in advance, the dental surgeon can ensure a seamless integration with the existing dentition.



Is a surgical guide necessary for an implant?

No, a surgical guide is not necessary for an implant. However, trials show that implants inserted using guided surgery leads to greater accuracy, reduced pain and swelling, and shorter surgery duration.

What are the components of a surgical guide?

Commonly, there are typically three components of a surgical guide: stabilisation anchor pins, the drill sleeve, and the surgical guide itself.

What are the advantages of surgical guides?

Among many advantages of surgical guides, some are:

  • Increased insertion accuracy
  • Reduced swelling
  • Planning in advance the placement, depth and angle of the implant



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