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Sports Mouthguard from Oceanic Dental Laboratory

Oceanic Dental Laboratory fabricates custom, BPA-free mouthguards for patients across various age groups who participate in contact sports. We offer a variation of colours, thicknesses, and orthodontic mouthguards with great value and quality.

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Junior and Senior Mouthguard Solutions

Our mouthguards are designed to cater to athletes of all ages, ensuring everyone has the protection they need. For younger athletes, we offer the single-layer junior sports mouthguards, which are fabricated to offer essential protection, ensuring the safety of dentition without compromising on comfort.

Adult athletes can benefit from our two-layer senior mouthguards. These are layered for the impact of competitive sports.

Customised Mouthguards for your Patient

Understanding the need for personalisation in sports gear, we offer a variety of custom colour options to meet the specifications of your patient.

Mouthguard Protection for Orthodontic Patients

For patients with braces, our orthodontic laminate mouthguards are a game-changer. They are specially designed to accommodate orthodontic appliances, ensuring comfort and protection during high-impact activities.


Are the sports mouthguards suitable for patients with orthodontic appliances such as braces?

Absolutely. Our sports mouthguards can be tailored to accommodate patients with specific dental conditions, braces, and orthodontic appliances.

Can I order your mouthguards in bulk for a sports team or organisation?

Yes, we offer bulk orders and several buying options for sports teams and organisations. Contact us for more information on bulk pricing and customisation options.

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