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Splints and Sleep Appliances
at Oceanic Dental Laboratory

At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we understand the dynamics of dental health and its impact on overall well-being. Our range of customised appliances, including sports mouthguards, and treatments for sleep-related dental conditions such as sleep apnoea, bruxism, and TMJ disorders, is designed to meet the diverse needs of your patients and the quality of your practice.

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Digital File Logging for Easy Appliance Replacement

We maintain a digital log of all submitted files. This system enables us to efficiently replace appliances when needed, ensuring consistent and easy treatment for your patients.

Technical Expertise for Complex Cases

For patients with complex dental conditions, our team of skilled technicians is available for in-depth discussions. We provide valuable insights and technical advice on bite registration, impression taking, and other aspects of dental care.

Flexibility in Impression Techniques

Our laboratory is equipped to create appliances from both digital and analogue impressions, offering flexibility and convenience in line with your clinical preferences.

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