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Removable Dentures/Prosthodontic
at Oceanic Dental Laboratory

Oceanic works with a wide range of material choices for tooth implant fabrication allowing dental professionals to provide personalised treatment options that prioritise cost, aesthetics, and durability.
From angled solutions to cement and screw-retained, we create restorations that suit the absolute needs of the dentist and the patient.

Prosthodontic appliances are an attractive and comprehensive solution for patients due to their fit, comfort, function and low cost. At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we want to provide the most cost-effective and high quality denture to your patients.


Why Oceanic Dental Laboratory?

Oceanic Dental Laboratory offers the best yet most affordable dentures in Australia. We provide our services to local and remote dental practices and are able to deliver our products country-wide. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about our fabrication techniques and the materials we use.

Our Denture Materials

We partner with the most reputable manufacturers and providers of dental materials. The removable prosthodontics we fabricate in our laboratory are not only perfectly fitted to the patient’s mouth but are also designed to last for years. As specialists in acrylic and chrome dentures, we ensure that we produce high-quality removable appliances using Ivoclar teeth along with Vertex and Lucitone 199® materials.

Digital Dentures at Oceanic Dental Laboratory

Oceanic Dental Laboratory is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM technology which we use to provide accurate diagnosis. We accept digital cases and can fabricate quality dentures digitally using digital impressions.

If you need an affordable prosthetic solution, we can support GAPless service providers. Contact us to work out the most effective way to treat your patient using a combination of retention technologies.


What types of removable dentures does Oceanic Dental Laboratory offer?

We offer a diverse range of removable prosthesis including flexible, full and partial, as well as specialised options like acrylic and chrome dentures. Customisation  may be requested in complex cases, or where particular aesthetics are desired.

Can Oceanic Dental Laboratory assist in urgent repair or adjustments?

Absolutely. We understand the need for fast service, and our lab is equipped to handle urgent requests. Please outline in your lab sheet if you require a rushed case.

What is the turnaround time for dentures at Oceanic Dental Laboratory?

Our turnaround time is between 3 to 8 working days. Turnaround times are based on the complexity of the case and the type of prosthetic required.

Does Oceanic Dental Laboratory accept digital impressions?

Yes, we accept digital impressions. Our lab is equipped with advanced technology that allows us to work seamlessly with digital impressions.

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