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Orthodontic Retainers Laboratory

Oceanic Dental Laboratory fabricates a range of Orthodontic retainers that fall into two categories: Fixed and Removable. Each retainer is created using quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Choose from a range of retainer types, colour options, and traditional and digital fabrication techniques.

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Fixed and Removable Dental Retainer Types

Fixed retainers, also known as permanent or bonded retainers, are used to maintain the position of the teeth after braces. Fixed retainers are cemented directly to the inner surfaces of the teeth, preventing movement and avoiding misalignment.

Removable retainers are appliances that can be taken out to eat and clean. They come in the form of clear plastic that covers your teeth, or a dental wire that is held in place with an acrylic plate moulded to the shape of your mouth.

Removable retainer options include:

Essix Retainer
Schwartz Retainer
Hawley Retainer
Begg Retainer

Fixed retainer options include:

Direct Bonding Retainer

CAD/CAM Retainer Fabrication

We accept scans from doctors and dentists Australia-wide. Sending your STL case files to us is one of the easiest ways to get the most accurate results with a fast turnaround time.

Send your STL file to to begin processing your casework with Oceanic Dental Lab.


What support does your lab provide for installing fixed retainers?

Our lab provides the bonding wire and a direct putty key for installation. We are also available for consultation to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during the fitting process for orthodontic retainers.

How does Oceanic Dental handle adjustments or repairs for retainers?

We offer quick turnaround for retainer adjustments, repairs, and replacements. Simply get in touch with us to tell us the required adjustments, and we will prioritise the service to minimise any inconvenience for your patient

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