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Implants Oceanic Dental Laboratory

Oceanic works with a wide range of material choices for tooth implant fabrication allowing dental professionals to provide personalised treatment options that prioritise cost, aesthetics, and durability.
From angled solutions to cement and screw-retained, we create restorations that suit the absolute needs of the dentist and the patient.


We Specialise in a Variety of Implant Components

We support a wide range of implant platforms available in Australia, offering restorative solutions for both well-known and alternative implant options.

The process of Creating Dental Implants

Creating a dental implant is a sophisticated process that requires several stages. A dentist may insert an implant free-hand, or with surgical pre-planning.

Implant Design and Surgical Pre-planning:

If a dentist opts for a pre-planned implant, the process begins with detailed planning and imaging, such as CT scans. 

These scans enable the dentist to capture the patient’s anatomy, enabling accurate planning of the implant’s depth and angulation. Oceanic Dental Lab offers implant planning services to our partnering dentists.

Dental Implant Prosthetic Fabrication:

The implants, primarily made from biocompatible materials like titanium or zirconia, are then fabricated, often via techniques like 3D printing and milling.

Abutment Placement and Prosthetic Attachment:

Once osseointegration is complete, an abutment is placed on the implant, serving as a connector for the final prosthetic tooth or crown. We take impressions of the patient’s mouth to create a customised crown, which is then attached to the abutment.

Implants for Full Dental Restorations

Understanding that every patient comes with a dental issue specific to their case, Oceanic Dental Laboratory commits to delivering bespoke, natural-looking full dental implant designs for dentists across Australia.
Oceanic Dental implants are tailored to suit the individual requirements of each case. We use only the best materials from the industry’s most reputable brands, suitable for a range of fixed restorative options. Committed to great service, we offer a lifetime warranty on implant components and a 5-year warranty on frameworks, ensuring durable and reliable solutions for every dental case.

Dental Lab Services Australia-wide

We proudly serve dentists across Australia, including major cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and extend our services to rural areas as well.

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