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Group 1759

Removable Dentures & Prosthodontics

Flexible Dentures

A flexible denture is a type of dental prosthesis that is designed to be a near-invisible and more comfortable alternative to traditional dentures. They offer noninvasive, more affordable wear for patients who have one or more missing teeth, and who may not be suitable for fixed restorations such as dental implants or fixed bridges.


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Table of Contents

Materials FAQ

Flexible Denture Materials

Our flexible removable partial dentures are fabricated using a biocompatible thermoplastic nylon material. Known for its durability and flexibility, flexible dentures adapt easily to the contours of the mouth which offers a more precise and comfortable fit. This flexibility reduces the feeling of a foreign object in the mouth and is generally more comfortable to wear for the patient.


Are there any special considerations for taking impressions for flexible dentures?

The impression process is similar to that of traditional dentures. Please note that it is important to capture accurate soft tissue contours and undercuts to ensure the best fit, as the flexibility of the material allows it to adapt more closely to these areas.

What is the turnaround time at Oceanic Dental Laboratory?

The typical turnaround time for flexible dentures is 3-5 days in the lab.

Can flexible dentures be used in combination with other types of dental restorations?

Flexible dentures may be used alongside other restorations. They can be designed to accommodate existing dental work such as partial metal dentures and dental implants.

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