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Crown and Bridge

Full-ceramic Restorations – e.max®

Full-ceramic e.max® crowns and bridges are made from an ingot of lithium disilicate ceramic, which is a tough and durable material that’s built to last. Not only do full-ceramic restorations present aesthetic qualities in their tooth-like appearance, they provide longevity and durability in all crown and bridge restorations.

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Why Choose Oceanic Dental e.max® Restorations

It is important to highlight that e.max® dental crowns are almost indestructible and can effectively replicate the look and feel of a real tooth, making it a popular choice with dentists and clinicians across Australia.

At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality in our products. Our partnership guarantees access to top-tier cosmetic e.max® crowns and other products, ensuring that your patients receive restorations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

The primary advantage of e.max® crowns lies in their life-like quality, making them one of the most realistic materials available for dental crowns. This is largely attributed to their translucency and the ability to precisely match the colour to any tooth shade and are distinguished by their chip resistance. An additional benefit is their metal-free base, eliminating the risk of unsightly grey tinges around the gum line – a crucial consideration for patients requiring anterior teeth restoration.

Benefits of IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate Full Contour

Combining high quality strength and aesthetics with ease of use, it is the state of the art monolithic structure with superior durability (500 MPa) and optimised translucency. Dentists across Australia opt for e.max® products because they offer:

  • Great balance of translucency, strength and durability
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Similar flexural strength to natural dentition
  • Reliable shade outcomes
  • Does not block out underlying tooth colour
  • Also suitable for anterior small span bridges and single implant restorations

Benefits of IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate Layered With IPS Ceram

Since it was first launched, it has been praised for its combination of lithium disilicate and fluorapatite glass-ceramics. It covers a range of indications and can be used for diverse applications and is suitable for CAD/CAM use and press technique. At Oceanic Dental Lab, we highlight the following benefits:

  • Highly aesthetic and lifelike
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Highly reliable shade outcomes when stump shades provided
  • Also suitable for anterior small span bridges and single implant restorations
  • Highly trusted and regarded restoration
  • Blocks out underlying tooth colour

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