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Treatment Planning with a Wax-up

A wax-up is used to create a replica of a proposed dental treatment plan. This technique provides a tangible representation of both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the final outcome. This significantly reduces chair time and improves the chances of getting all aspects of the treatment right early on, as it is the most accurate representation of the desired result.

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The Importance of the Diagnostic Wax-up Technique in Dental Treatment Planning

At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we maintain a substantial list of partner dental practices that use the wax-up technique as the foundation of their entire treatment planning. Creating a visually appealing and functional result requires careful consideration, as does integrating all of the important components to establish proper function.

Often, cases are sometimes considered unsuccessful for reasons that could have been preempted by conducting a proper wax-up beforehand. When this technique is implemented into a treatment plan, it can also immediately reveal whether the proposed treatment is not functionally viable, necessitating a revision. This foresight allows for amendments to the treatment plan in advance.

Furthermore, a 3d-printed model can be used to effectively demonstrate the expected outcome to the patient. Miscommunication between the patient and their dentist can lead to unexpected results at the conclusion of treatment. Utilising the wax-up technique facilitates clear communication about the treatment plan, helping to prevent patient dissatisfaction. The replica can also be used to clearly explain why some other treatment methods are not possible and show first-hand why the approach you wish to take will be beneficial for their specific case.

Advantages of Diagnostic Wax-ups

Diagnostic wax-up dentistry has quickly grown in popularity due to the numerous benefits that come with this approach. Some of the greatest advantages include the fact that it is:

  • A patient and laboratory communication tool
  • A value-adding step for increased case acceptance
  • A visual aid for determination of final aesthetics
  • Useful for the creation of templates to ensure adequate tooth preparation for final restorations
  • Perfect for quick fabrication of aesthetic provisional restorations

Considerations When Ordering a Wax-up

It’s important to note that a dental practitioner must follow these steps to minimise the chance of miscommunication to improve the end result:

  • Demonstrate to the patient possible changes to shape and alignment of the teeth.
  • Plan for soft tissue management.
  • Provide predictable case outcomes.
  • The blueprint for case planning.
  • Manage patient expectations.

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