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Diagnostic Wax-Up

A Diagnostic wax-up is an outcome-based tool that is expected to accurately present the desired result of the proposed treatment. Dentists can present a proposed treatment plan to their patient, showing them a visual mock-up of the final result.


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Wax-ups for Aesthetic and Functional Evaluation

Oceanic Dental Laboratory is renowned for the quality of its services. Our focus is on integrating the art and science of dentistry. Our expertise in the diagnostic wax-up technique allows us to provide high-quality pre-operative diagnostic models. These models are effective tools for treatment planning and facilitating communication with patients. They ensure that every dental treatment plan can be explained and visualised clearly by the patient.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups with Accuracy

In all oral rehabilitation treatments, the aesthetic aspect of the smile is considered, ensuring that the occlusal plane is parallel to the curve of the lower lip.

When creating a diagnostic wax up, our technicians pay special attention to the maxillary anterior teeth, particularly the maxillary central incisors, which are crucial for aesthetic results with centric occlusion. Our lab specialises in creating deliverables that are effective, efficient, and are right the first time around.

Adaptable Technologies at Oceanic with Digital and Analogue

At Oceanic, our approach is adaptable. As we participate in the digital movement with CAD/CAM technology, digital scanners, and 3D printing, we haven’t forgotten our roots. Regardless of your preference, we uphold our commitment to flexibility, ensuring that you can continue to use methods that are best suited to your workflow.


How do diagnostic wax-ups benefit treatment planning?

Our diagnostic wax-ups serve as pre-operative diagnostic models, crucial for accurate treatment planning and enhancing dentist-patient communication. They allow patients to visualise the potential outcomes of their dental restorations.

What turnaround times can I expect for diagnostic wax-ups?

Our lab prides itself on efficiency. Typical turnaround times for diagnostic wax-ups are 3-5 days in the lab, depending if the case is value or rapid.

How do I send impressions or digital scans to your lab?

Impressions and digital scans can be sent to us via our secure submission portal or through conventional mail for physical models, following our straightforward submission guidelines.

How can Oceanic Dental support my practice in treatment planning?

We offer a consultation service, where our technicians and specialists work alongside our partnering dentists to plan treatments, discuss cases, and to decide on the best approach for each patient.

How does Oceanic ensure the quality and accuracy of their wax-ups?

Quality control is integral to our service. We practise quality control checks at every stage of the wax-up creation process to ensure accuracy and detail that meets both our standards and your expectations.

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