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Denture Repair & Reline
Denture Repair & Reline
Denture Repair & Reline
Denture Repair & Reline

Removable Dentures & Prosthodontics

Denture Repairs and Relines

Hard and soft denture relines involve adjusting the fit of the denture. This is done by modifying the inner surface to accommodate changes in the jawbone structure or gum tissue. Denture relines help patients to maintain good oral health, function, and improved appearance.

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Customised Denture Repair and Prosthodontic Options

Oceanic Dental Laboratory repairs and relines dentures to assure a snug and comfortable fit. We can fix cracks, chips, or fractures in the denture to its original condition. We pride ourselves on our wide range of materials that we use to fabricate our removable prosthodontics. When you partner with us, you can offer solutions that meet the exact needs of your patient.

Whether the prosthodontic needed is high-impact, a soft line, or a hypoallergenic piece, Oceanic Dental Lab has options for you to offer the best service to your patients. If it’s important to your patient, it’s important to us.

Fast Turnaround and Quality Denture Repairs

Your fast-tack case is never compromised on quality. All products made at Oceanic Dental Laboratory go through extensive and multiple quality control measurements before it is shipped.

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