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Removable Dentures & Prosthodontics

Denture Lab Australia

Prosthodontic appliances are an attractive and comprehensive solution for patients because of their fit, comfort, function and low cost in improving oral status. At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we want to provide the most affordable yet high quality denture to you and your patient.

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Delivering Affordable and High-Quality Prosthodontic Solutions

At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we fabricate dentures for your patients’ individual needs. All materials used in creating our dentures are TGA compliant, and all products from Oceanic Dental Laboratory go through multiple quality control checks to ensure that all products are correct, on time, and of high quality.

We offer rapid and value range services, and can customise a denture based on your preferences. Whether your case specifications are for a rapid turnaround, or hypoallergenic materials, all of our removable dentures are made with your patients comfort in mind. Discover the flexibility that Oceanic Dental Laboratory can offer you with tooth shade selection, gum tone, and wide material choice.

Digital Denture Fabrication and Secure Case File Storage

In our state-of-the-art laboratory, we have the capacity to produce dentures digitally, regardless of if they have been submitted in a digital or analogue format.

Whether a denture needs to be remade due to a breakage or loss of the denture, rest assured, we can digitally produce an exact replica for your patient. Experience the ease of storing your digital dental case files at Oceanic Dental Laboratory.

Fast Turn Around Options for Removable Dentures

Our streamlined processes mean that we can produce and turnaround dentures quickly for you. Although we can produce dentures with a rapid turnaround time, we do not compromise on our quality.

We’re a first-choice Denture Lab in Australia

Based on a 2023 survey, 93% of our clients recommend Oceanic Dental Laboratory. Our full-service quality denture lab ensures great customer service, case support, and customer satisfaction with each case.

Denture Services: From Initial Creation to Final Processing

From shade corrections to multiple retries, we offer a service unmatched for quality dentures in Australia.

We can create your patient’s dentures from first step stages to final processing, or, if you’d like to do the setup yourself, we’re happy to process it for you.


What are the turnaround times for Dentures?

For both Acrylic and Flexible Dentures, the in-lab days for our rapid range are:
– Set up: 5 Days
– Finish: 3 Days
– Setup & Finish (No try-in): 5 Days
– Wax, Pack & Finish: 3 Days

In-lab days for our value range are:
– Set up: 7 – 10 days
– Finish: 7 – 10 days
– Setup & Finish (No try-in): 7 – 10 days
– Wax, Pack & Finish: 7 – 10 days


CrCo Acrylic Partial Denture
Full Acrylic Denture
CrCo – High impact Acrylic – Ivoclar teeth
High Impact Acrylic – Ivoclar teeth
Production Technique
Duplicate -Waxup -Refractory – Cast – Polish – waxup – flask – polish
Duplicate- waxup – flask – pack – polish
Suggested use
1-12 units
Full arch
1 year
1 year

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