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Oceanic Dental Custom Abutment
Oceanic Dental Custom Abutment


Custom Abutments for Dental Implants

A custom abutment is a dental component used in implant dentistry. Abutments play an important role in attaching a dental prosthesis to an implant. After the healing period of an implant, where the surrounding bone fuses to the implant, an abutment may be installed before a dental prosthesis (such as a crown or bridge) is attached to it.

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Custom Implant Abutments

If you require a multi unit abutment for restorations like a bridge or an all on x prosthesis, Oceanic Dental Laboratory can create custom fabricated abutments for implants with various angulation options that are completely tailored to your individual case. Our angulation options range between 0 and 35 degrees.

 Custom Locator Abutments

Abutment locators can be used when modifying full arch or partial over dentures to a removable hybrid denture. Oceanic Dental Laboratory can fabricate customised locator abutments to transform any standard denture.


What is a custom abutment in a tooth implant?

An abutment is a metal connector that sits between the dental crown or bridge and implant. Once an implant installation has healed, an abutment is screwed in to securely hold a dental prosthesis in place. We can fabricate both cement retained and screw retained custom abutments.

What is the benefit of a custom implant abutment?

A custom abutment has superior contours that match the shape of the soft tissue gingival margin, creating a natural emergence profile between an implant and crown.

What is the difference between custom and stock abutment?

Custom abutments are created especially for each patient and their specific needs, whereas stock abutments are made in bulk and come in a standard shape. A stock abutment is generally more budget-friendly as they require less personalisation.

Can you create a Custom Zirconia Implant Abutment?

Oceanic Dental Laboratory can create a custom zirconia abutment for an implant system of your choice.


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