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Angulated Abutment Solutions Restoration
Angulated Abutment Solutions Restoration


Angled Dental Abutments

An angulated abutment can help to correct the trajectory of an implant, allowing for the proper positioning of a crown or prosthetic tooth, ensuring that it aligns well with the natural teeth and occlusion.

Angulated screw channels are also used in cases where a dental implant needs to be placed under certain anatomical constraints. It becomes essential when a person has insufficient bone volume, or to avoid crucial structures such as nerves or sinuses.

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Improved Dental Prosthetic Alignment

Angulated screw-retained restorations are a common practice in All-on-X procedures, where the posterior implants are angulated to provide better support and distribution of occlusal forces. Oceanic Dental can fabricate an angulated abutment for any implant system in the market.

Dental Implant longevity

A well-placed implant significantly enhances the longevity and success of dental restorations. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure optimal positioning of your restorations every time. By partnering with us, you gain access to implant specialists who will provide essential guidance, advice, and support throughout your implant procedure planning process.

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