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Dental Lab Price List Australia

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    Product Range

    Transparent Pricing

    Our prices are clear and upfront. You can plan your treatments knowing exactly what to expect, with no surprises.

    What We Offer

    • Crowns & Bridges: Strong and precise, made with the latest technology.
    • Orthodontic Appliances: Perfectly tailored for patient comfort.
    • Implant Services: Custom fits for natural-looking replacements.
    • Diagnostics: Analysis tools for accurate treatment planning and outcomes.
    • Removable Prosthodontics: Dentures and partials that offer comfort and a natural appearance.
    • Cosmetic: Cosmetic solutions including veneers and whitening.
    • Splints & Sleep Appliances: Designed for the treatment of TMJ disorders and sleep apnoea.

    Partnering for Success

    Choosing Oceanic Dental Laboratory as your dental restoration partner means selecting a team dedicated to the success of your practice. We pride ourselves on our rapid service delivery, exceptional customer support, and commitment to excellence in every restoration we make.

    For an in-depth discussion and to discover how our offerings can be customised to suit your specific needs, we invite you to contact our customer service team. Let’s work together to create enduring smiles.